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I am DC/MD Native that is 23 years old. I am aquarius/pisces cusp baby that is artistic, silly, adventurous, smart, caring, musical, intuitive, a business woman and motivated person. I have multiple artistic capabilities. I do music, graphic design, photography and possibly more (Laughss..). I love learning and exploring art. My name brand for music and my stage name for music is TiGerLiLy or TiGerLiLBaBy. As an music artist, I love all types of genres. I know I have a story to tell and it was my calling to use my gifts to share it to the world. I live up to the greats before me in all types of music. I want people to relate to my music, enjoy it, and for people to see and hear me giving back to the community with my music and see that I pay my dues. Same goes for photography and graphic design. I love photography ever since my guardian angel, my father, introduce me to it. He gave me the gift to pursue it. My father was a true humanitarian for human culture in social and political views and because of him its in my art. I got into graphic design to expand my photography art. I use combine the two together and I love it. I tell a story and use execute technique in all the of fields of art that I do. I just hope it will give people peace, motivation to believe in themselves and do what they love to do in life to be happy. So SUPPORT an #DMVARTIST & Follow my on everything so you can keep updating me! :)