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TiGerLiLy is a multi-talented artist. She is an singer, songwriter, performer, photo editor, photographer, graphic designer, aspiring fashion stylist and more. She adopted the name TiGerLiLy around 2011. Her music has been described as the "New Renaissance." Her sounds consist of genres Experimental R&B/Pop & Electronica House Music. Her music speaks about spiritual connection, relationships, inspiration, life experiences, carefree experiences and current/political views. TiGerLiLy is a down-to-earth, adventurous human being with good vibes and good energy. She is very passionate for human culture and also an advocate in the cannabis industry due to her illness, Ulcerative Colitis. She believes cannabis can bring quality life to everyone lives. Her father, her guardian angel, my introduce her to the arts. He gave me the gift to pursue it. My father was a true humanitarian for human culture in social and political views and because of him its will show in TiGerLiLy's music and more. TiGerLiLy's journeys hopes it will give people peace, motivation to believe in themselves and do what they love to do in life to be happy. Follow TiGerLiLy by clicking on the social media links profile or here soundcloud.com/tigerlilybaby ? fb.com/tigerlilybaby Instagram.com/tigerlilybaby_ ? itsmyurls.com/tigerlilybaby