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This American recording artist, songwriter, producer, television host, and philanthropist has flourished in the performing arts since age 4. Throughout her adolescence, Maria Cozette underwent extensive training in ballet, vocal, piano, and theatre. With a demanding stage presence, there was no doubt she was Born Ready. Music In 2007, Cozette unleashed her debut album, ?Special Delivery,? gaining rave reviews and fans locally. Introducing Soulful Pop Music, Maria Cozette released her sophomore album ?Born Ready? on November 11, 2010. Cozette wrote the album in its entirety, collaborating with Engineers in post-production, and producing both music videos following. The starlet effortlessly, it seems, translates her deep creative impulse into finely wrought sonic pieces, in which catchy, pop driven melodies resonate with her fans. True to her effervescent spirit, Cozette has interpreted even her darkest moments into what can be heard as music with a light of hope and sense of strength. Thus far, both ?Special Delivery,? and ?Born Ready,? have sold thousands of copies worldwide, solidifying the artists? fan base internationally in Japan, Philippines, Lebanon, Russia, Armenia, Australia, Germany, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Turkey, France, and of course, throughout the United States. Philanthropy The artists? humanitarian efforts are evident in her collaborative work with numerous charitable causes including Unified Young Armenians, Cancer Care Network Foundation, Glendale Healthy Women (AAMS), Walk With Sally, Nataline Sarkisyan Foundation, Armenian Education Foundation, Homenetmen Ararat Chapter, and Seathos. It has always been her objective to convey a positive message through her platform in the media. In 2011, Cozette was honored by the Armenian American Chamber of Commerce as ?Woman in Entertainment,? for her accomplishments in entertainment, youth advocacy, and philanthropic ventures. More recently in 2014, Cozette was honored yet again but this time by Senator Carol Liu, handpicked out of 125 nominees, as ?Woman in Arts & Entertainment,? for pioneering the first English television program to air on any Armenian Network. Television Maria Cozette noticed a significant decline in the youth tuning into Armenian television so in 2012, she created and launched the first English show to air on any Armenian Television Network, Music Box with Maria Cozette (MBX). Music Box airs the latest music videos, provides a platform for young Armenian Americans to promote their endeavors, and allow professionals to explore and discuss their artistic interests. MBX has gained a tremendous amount of popularity and is deemed as one of the more popular programs on Armenian Television. The Light of Day June 26, 2014, the artist released her third studio album entitled, ?The Light of Day.? Tracks varying from charismatic, retro arrangements with contagious melodies, powerful dance music, to resonating ballads portraying a vulnerable Maria, have irrevocably echoed in the hearts of many. Cozette wrote and produced each song intricately for a well- rounded listening experience, collaborating with longtime producer, MG. The album has created quite the online buzz with bloggers and critics complimenting the album?s unique arrangements. The two singles off the album, ?Roses in ?99? and ?I Love You,? have become fan favorites. With the release of ?The Light of Day,? Cozette was accepted into the world of Pandora Radio, in addition to Spotify and iTunes Radio.

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