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I am DC/MD Native that is 21 years old. I am AquaRiuS/PiScEs Cusp Baby that is artistic, silly, adventurous, smart, caring, musical and motivated. I am a Photographer (my name brand: VEC Photography) that LOVES to Sing (musician; TiGerLiLy) As an music artist, I love all types of genres. I have a story to tell and I live up to the greats before me in all types of music. I want people to relate to my music, enjoy it, people see me giving back to the community with my music and see that I pay my dues. Same goes for photography. I love photography ever since my father introduce me to it and inspired me to do it (RIP to Dad). I capture a story when I take pictures. I capture the essence and the moment that make you want to see what I'm going to do next. In photography, I love all types of fields but I am focusing on Event Photography, Portrait/Modeling Photography and Fine Art Photography. So SuPport an #DMVARTIST & Follow my on everything so you can keep updating me! :)